Waterproof Electric Heating Pet Mat

Waterproof Electric Heating Pet Mat

    • Want to keep your pets warm and happy at all times?
    • The Waterproof Electric Heating Pet Mat is just what your pet needs
  1. It is made from high quality waterproof flame retardant cloth, which is not only durable but also waterproof and catch-resistant.
  2. Built to greatly strict quality control standards, so it has a stable and excellent performance.
  3. Suitable for different sizes of cats and dogs, giving your pets a warm and comfortable winter.
  4. High quality and outstanding workmanship, it possesses a powerful ability of bite-resistance and catch-resistant.
  5. 3 temperature control gears, you can choose a suitable temperature for your pet according to the weather.
  6. 2 size of 60*45cm and 45*45cm, 2 kinds of patterns to choose, you can choose it according your pet size.
  7. This Heating Pet Mat will keep your pet relaxed and warm at all times
  8. Comes with an adjustable thermostat 
  9. 100% waterproof and safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

He went to Moscow for a month. Delivery by courier. The label says consumption of 20 W. The cat immediately understood and settled on him. It does not warm much, shit should not boil.


A good mat, warms. quite warm, but does not burn on the second position. The adapter was attached with a rug. the seller is cool, the parcel came in two weeks. Super I'm happy!!!


Waterproof Electric Heating Pet Mat


Burner as a burner. bought for cats. I thought they would argue who would be the first to lie. It seems that without a rug they live well. The fabric that covers the heating pad to the touch is similar to the curtain for the bathroom. I understand polyester. Warms normally. I was afraid it would be hotter. The smell of chemistry is barely noticeable if the nose is pressed to the device. I think that will soon pass. Delivery was before the apartment. The goods came in about three weeks. What I bought I do not regret. do not want cats to use, I will find application.


To Perm a little more than a month. Delivery to the door. Warms not much as needed for animals after surgery. Waterproof